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At County Bail Bonds, we can provide a variety of different bail bonds. We understand that different charges require different types of bonds, that is why we do what we do. Whatever the charge, we have the bail bond you need to get your loved one out of jail and back home where they belong. We offer a variety of services that can make the bail bonds process go smoothly. Our agents are knowledgeable in all aspects of bail bonds and can answer all of your questions quickly and easily. Call our off at 703-879-8115 and let us get the ball rolling on your case.

General Bail Bonds

A general bail bond is a legal and binding contract that is designed to allow the defendant to obtain early release from jail so they can resume their daily lives until the time of their scheduled court hearing. The contract is an agreement made between the bail bonds agent/insurance company, the co-signer, the defendant, and the court. The court will include stipulations that the defendant must abide by while they are out on bond. 

  • Federal Bail Bonds – A federal bail bond is a bond that is used to obtain a release of someone who has been charged with a federal offense. Much like state charges, the severity of the charges will dictate the amount of bail that must be posted. Bail bonds that are written for federal cases may be quite a bit more costly than other types of bonds. If the case is a minor, a signature bond may be allowed, but if the case is severe enough to warrant federal charges and there is even the remotest risk of flight, the bond may exceed $1 million. The same is true for immigration bail bonds.

  • Immigration Bail Bonds – A bail bond that is used in an immigration case is somewhat more restrictive when it comes to reinforcement. If the defendant is not a citizen of the United States, there is an increased risk of flight. Most bail bonds associated with immigration cases, must be secured with property instead of cash.

  • Surety Bail Bonds – A surety bond is one of the most common types of bail bonds. A surety bond involves the payment of a 10% premium as a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court as scheduled. The premium fee represents a promise to pay the bond if, for some reason, the defendant fails to appear in court.

  • DUI Bail Bonds – With a DUI arrest, the bail bond is used to obtain the defendant's release from jail, but in return for their early release, the defendant must agree to certain conditions. These include attending drug or alcohol classes, not entering an establishment that serves alcohol, and submitting to regular drug and alcohol testing.

  • Domestic Violence Bail Bonds – When a person is released on bond in a domestic violence case, the court may grant the victim a Personal Protection Order. This means the defendant cannot be within a specific distance of them for an amount of time determined by the court. If the defendant violates the PPO, the judge may order that their bond be revoked and they be returned to jail until their scheduled court date.

  • Bail Bond Rewrites – A bail bond rewrite is a second bail bond written for the same defendant. An example of a bail bond rewrite is a second bond that is written if a person accidentally misses court and is rearrested for skipping bail. If the defendant can prove that they missed court for a valid reason, the court may allow them to post a second bond and obtain early release as long as they continue to check in and abide by the stipulations of the court.

  • Weapons Bail Bonds – Individuals who have been arrested on a weapons bail bond, will have to not only abide by the rules and regulations of the bail bond, they will also have to turn all of their weapons over to law enforcement until their case is finally closed. If they are found in possession of a gun or other type of weapon, they may lose their bond and be rearrested and returned to jail.

  • Pledge of Property Bail Bonds – A pledge of property bail bond involves the use of valuable property to secure the bond. Property that is used to secure a pledge of property bail bond must be at least one and a half times the value of the total bail bond. It must be owned outright, with no liens or title holds.

Although the basic bail bond contract is the same across the board, the stipulations and requirements of the court will determine what the defendant must due in order to obtain their release. The stipulations of the court will be presented to the defendant as their bond is being posted. A reputable bail bond agent will help to protect the defendant's 8th Amendment rights and ensure they are treated fairly during the booking/release and bail bonds process. Even though the 8th Amendment guarantees individuals the right to post a bail bond, there are specific criteria that must be considered. If the defendant is a flight risk or if there is the potential for danger to their friends or others, the right to bail may be denied. If the defendant is denied bail, they must remain in jail until their scheduled court date.


In Virginia, the state mandated rate to secure a bail bond is 10% of the total bail amount. The 10% fee cannot be returned, nor is it negotiable. For a $100,000 bail bond, the co-signer would have to post at least $10,000 to obtain the defendant's early release. It can be extremely difficult for a person to come up with that kind of cash on such short notice. While the agents of County Bail Bonds accept cash, credit/debit cards, money orders, and cashier's checks, the agent also has the capability of helping the co-signer finance the bond. At County Bail Bonds, we can finance almost any amount of bail bond quickly and easily. We charge a 3% fee to finance a bail bond. Once we know how much the bail bond is and how much you need to finance, we can get things moving to complete both the financing aspect of the case, as well as completing the bail bonds application.

Immediate Bail - We Will Come To You

At County Bail Bonds, we offer our unique immediate bail service. Not only can it be difficult to come up with financing, you may not be able to make it to our office. If this is the case, you have to choices. We can come to you and we can take all of your information and complete most aspects of the service by phone. From writing the bail bond to securing the premium, we can talk you through the entire process over the phone or by email.

At County Bail Bonds, our services revolve around our clients. We will do whatever it takes to meet or exceed our client's expectations. Part of our job is to explain what we do in such a way that the co-signer and the defendant are aware of every step of the process and the role they play in making it go smoothly. The services we offer are designed to simplify the process. Once the bail bond application is filled out and secured, it is our job to post the bond, obtain the defendant's release, and then make sure they understand exactly what is expected of them. Call 703-879-8115 today and talk to one of our knowledgeable agents. We have the information you need and with all of the services we offer, we will be able to successfully meet or exceed your expectations.

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