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An arrest is an unexpected event that can have dire financial consequences for your family. No one is ever fully prepared for the ramifications of having to come up with a large sum of money that can be tied up for months at a time. Your right to bail per the Constitution of the United States allows you to obtain early release and return home so you can continue to support your family. At County Bail Bonds we understand those rights and responsibilities and are here to help you keep you moving forward through the entire process. If you live in Manassas, Virginia, call 855-885-2245 to get answers to the many questions you may have about bail bonds and why choosing the right agency is so important.

Choosing the Right Bail Bonds Agency

In the state of Virginia, it's important to hire a bail bonds agency who has the knowledge of how the state's legal system works. From the magistrate to the jail, there are things you need to learn so that you can fully protect your rights. Hiring the right bail bonds agency gives you the opportunity to return home with your loved ones while you are waiting for your court date. The agents of County Bail Bonds have several years of experience they can draw from to help you through a difficult and frustrating time. We are licensed and bonded according to the state of Virginia's strict requirements. Every agent takes their job seriously and makes themselves available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, holiday or weekend. This makes it easy for you to reach them when you have an emergency.

Types of Bail Bonds

There are several types of bail bonds. While the bail bond application or process is basically the same for each type of bond, there are certain stipulations that can be attached by the court that will impact the freedoms afforded to the defendant while the bond is in place. A few of the most common types of bonds are:

  • Weapons bond: Requires the defendant to turn over weapons to law enforcement and not be in possession of a weapon at any time while they are out on bond
  • Immigration bond: Requires the defendant to use physical property to secure the bond and also to turn over any travel papers; must not leave the jurisdiction of the court at any time
  • Domestic violence bond: Requires that the defendant to comply with a Personal Protection Order, having no contact with the plaintiff while they are out on bond
  • Cash bond: Must be paid in cash, in full, in person at the jail
  • Surety bond: Requires the use of a bail bonds agent and 10% premium in an amount that is 10% of the total bond amount

No matter what type of bond is offered, the defendant must agree to remain in compliance with the court's demands at all times or risk the bond being revoked and their release terminated.

The Bond Process

The bail amount is determined by the severity and nature of the crime committed. Once bail has been set, the defendant's co-signer can contact a bail bonds agent and begin the application process. The bond must be secured by a 10% premium that can be paid by cash, check, money order, etc. As soon as the bond is secured, the agent will go to the jail, post the bond and pick up the defendant. When the defendant is released, the agent will go over both the defendant and co-signers rights and responsibilities so that everyone is on the same page. The defendant must remain in contact with the bail bonds agent throughout the duration of their case. Once the case has been finalized, the court will release the bond back to the bail bonds agent with any excess or remaining funds being returned to the co-signer.

Rights and Responsibilities

If you are released on bond, you have both rights and responsibilities. You are able to return home to your family and continue to work at your job. You can travel anywhere within the court's jurisdiction, but can't leave without written permission from the court. You must attend all scheduled hearings with the court and not receive any new charges while you are out on bond. You must also remain in full compliance with all of the stipulations put in place by the court. You must also maintain constant contact with your bail bonds agent.

As a co-signer, you also have rights and responsibilities. You have the right to revoke the bond at any time. By doing so, the defendant will be placed under arrest and returned to jail. Once they are back in custody, you will be relieved of your responsibility for the full amount of the bond. If you choose to be a co-signer, it's important to remember that you must know at all times where the defendant can be reached and maintain constant contact with the bail bonds agent. You are also fully and solely responsible for the payment of the bond if the defendant chooses to flee the jurisdiction of the court.

Forfeiture vs. Revocation

The forfeiture of a bond occurs when the defendant flees the jurisdiction of the court or “skips bail”. If the defendant cannot be or is not taken into custody in a timely fashion, the court will forfeit the bond. This means the co-signer is fully responsible for the entire amount of the bond and it is considered immediately due and owing.

A revocation occurs when either the court or the co-signer decides they no longer want to be responsible for the defendant. The judge can choose to revoke a bond if they become aware of illegal activity or any other due cause that indicates the defendant is not following or abiding by the stipulations of the court. If a co-signer becomes aware of circumstances that could result in them having to pay for the bond, they can call the bail bonds agent and inform them that they want to revoke the bond. At that time, the agent will find the defendant, take them into custody and return them to the jail. Once they are back in custody, the bond will be released.


Compliance basically refers to abiding by the rules and guidelines put forth by the court. While specific types of bonds have strict requirements the defendant must agree to, there are basic guidelines that pertain to every bond that is written. These are the basic rules and everyone is required to follow them to remain in compliance. They include:

  • Attend all scheduled hearings or meetings with the court
  • Report any changes in employment, address, phone number, etc.
  • Do not receive any new charges or be arrested in new cases
  • Do not leave the jurisdiction of the court
  • Check in regularly with your bail bonds agent; normally every other day or several times a week
  • Avoid contact with others who are known to be involved in criminal activity

Remaining in compliance will result allows you to remain in good standing with the court. If you fail to remain in compliance with the guidelines of the court, you may be denied bail in the future. If for any reason, you miss a court date, it's in your best interest to immediately call the court and explain the situation. In most cases, they will reset the date and allow you to remain out on bond until that time.

Law Enforcement and the Courts

If you live in or around the Manassas, Virginia area and are arrested, you will be taken by the police department to the Prince William County Adult Detention Center at 9320 Lee Avenue in Manassas. If you need to talk to an officer, you can go to the Manassas Police Department at 9518 Fairview Avenue. Court proceedings will be held at the Prince William County Court at 9311 Lee Avenue, #3 in Manassas. The phone number for the court is 703-792-6160.

The agents of County Bail Bonds in Manassas, Virginia follow the strict rules and guidelines of their profession. We believe in the highest quality of service when it comes to making sure each of their clients gets the assistance they need. Our office is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We know arrests occur when you least expect them, so we maintain their hours during holidays, overnight and on weekends. We offer a 100% confidential service and satisfaction guarantee to every client who chooses to use us for their bail bond needs. If you need a bail bonds agent who knows and understands the laws of the state of Virginia, call County Bail Bonds today at 855-885-2245!