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Fairfax Virginia Bail Bonds

County Bail Bonds is one of the most well-respected bail bonds agency in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. Our agents are known for their professionalism and ability to get the job done in a timely fashion. Each agent is highly trained both in the law and in how to conduct themselves when working with both law enforcement officers and court officials. This has allowed us to build a strong working relationship ship with the Fairfax County Sheriff's Department as well as many of the local Fairfax police departments. Call our office today at 855-885-2245 and talk to one of our seasoned agents whenever you have questions or need to hire the best bail agency in the area.

Why Choose County Bail Bonds?

As a locally owned and operated bail bonds agency, we know the area and we know the people. We have a working knowledge of how the Fairfax, Virginia court system works and are capable of interacting seamlessly with anyone in either the court system or local law enforcement. Each of our bail bonds agents has many years of experience. We have offices strategically located throughout Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia to make sure we are close to wherever we need to be when it comes to posting a bond and getting your loved one back home where they belong. As long as the defendant agrees to comply with the wishes of the court and doesn't get arrested on any future charges while on bond, we are more than willing to help.

Fairfax County Law Enforcement

Our agents are well known to local law enforcement officers and have spent many years working together to provide the best possible service to all of the members of the Fairfax, Virginia community. Both the County Sheriffs and the local police departments respect our ability to maintain positive relationships with each of our clients. This makes everyone's job much easier. When you contact us to start the bail bonds application, you may not have all of the information we need to complete the file. We can call any of our local law enforcement agencies and they will provide us with exactly what we need, expediting the process and making it much easier for us to post bond.

When you are notified of an arrest and you contact our office, we can call the local jail and find out where the defendant is and what stage of the process they have completed. Our agents can complete the bail bonds application and secure the fee in as little as 30 minutes, allowing them to be on their way to the jail in less than hour's time. By notifying the jail that they are on the way, they can have the defendant ready to start the release process as soon as the bond has been posted at the Fairfax County Courts or the local jail.

Fairfax County Courts

In Fairfax County Virginia, a magistrate is often the one who sets a defendant's bail. The magistrate is located at the temporary holding facility so the defendant can be arraigned on the premises without having to be transferred to the main jail. If we can notify the court and local law enforcement and tell them a time as to when we will be there to post the defendant's bond, they will keep them at the facility until we get there.

There are certain cases when a person finds out they have a warrant for their arrest. When this occurs, they can contact County Bail Bonds and we can write the bail bond application, secure the state mandated 10% fee and go with the defendant when they turn themselves in. As they are being booked, our agent can post their bond allowing them to go straight to the release process after booking. If this occurs, the defendant will spend no time in jail at all except for moving through the booking and release processes.

Booking and Release

If the arrest took place in within Fairfax County, Virginia, the defendant will be brought to the Fairfax Adult Detention Center located at 10520 Judicial Drive in Fairfax proper. If you want to call and find out for sure if your loved one is there the jail's phone number is 703-246-2178. When they arrive, the booking process will begin. The steps that are included in the booking process are:

  • Verification of identity
  • Fingerprinting
  • Photographed
  • Questioned
  • Background check
  • Belongings will be inventoried
  • Formerly charged
  • Bail set by the magistrate

Once these steps have been completed, our bail bond agent can post their bond. As soon as the bond has been posted and accepted, the defendant will begin to work their way through the release process. The release process can take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours depending on the how many people are working and whether or not the staff at the jail are busy.

The Benefits of Using a Reputable Bail Bonds Agency

When you use a reputable bail bonds agency, there are benefits you may not get. The bail bonds agents at County Bail Bonds are well-known throughout the tri-state area. Law enforcement officers know us and respect the fact that we are there to do a job and help whenever possible. We love what we do and take pride in the fact that we can help guide our clients through the process. We also know the law and will protect your rights at all costs. We believe in 100% confidentiality and do everything in our power to make sure your privacy is always protected.

All of our agents are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. You will never work with anyone on our staff who is not fully trained and certified to do their job. A large part of our job has to do with securing the fees for the bond and posting the bond itself. When we discuss the fees with you, we lay all of the information on the table, unlike some companies that include hidden fees that are added to the total cost. We take a no-nonsense approach to dealing with the financial aspect of our business. You will know our fees up front from the beginning and any questions about those fees will be answered at that time so you are fully aware of the cost at all times.

Don't Entrust Your Bond to Just Anyone!

When you are in a desperate situation, you don't want to turn to just anyone for help. At County Bail Bonds, our agents have years of experience to draw from. We make sure you understand the process from beginning to end so there are no surprises as we work our way through your case. Our 24-hour availability, 365 days a year means that you can contact us at any time, before, during and after business hours. We work holidays and weekends as well because we know that life doesn't end at the end of the day on Friday. When you call our office and speak with one of our agents, the first thing they will do is to collect the information we need to begin the application process and make sure your loved one is where they say they are. As we go through this process, our goal is to make sure you fully understand your rights and responsibilities as a co-signer. We can complete the application electronically if you can't make it to our office. When you use a credit/debit card, we can also secure the fees electronically as well.

Once the financial aspect of the process is taken care of, we will go to the jail, post the bond, and pick up the defendant. We will take the time to make sure they understand what is required of them as part of the bail bond agreement. This includes attending all court appearances, not being charged with any additional crimes, and not leaving the jurisdiction of the court. The defendant must also agree to check in on a regular basis so that we know they are still following the letter of the law.

County Bail Bonds is well known for its professionalism and steadfast dedication to helping their clients get through difficult times. When you need a bail bonds agency that believes in protecting your rights and making sure you are fully protected in every way, call our office at 855-885-2245 today! We can expedite the process and have your loved one on their home to you in a matter of hours no matter where they are in the tri-state area. Residents in Fairfax, Virginia, as well as many of the surrounding areas, look to us for fast, compassionate, and professional service whenever they need us. We're here to make things go smoothly and allow you to resume your life until it's time to take care of business. At County Bail Bonds, we make sure you are well taken care of!